Selecting Pieces Of Furniture For A Small Living Room

If you are moving to a small apartment in the near future, you are most likely concerned about the furnishings you will need to provide to keep you comfortable. A small living room will require you to use some ideas outside the box so you have the amenities needed without making the area appear cluttered. Here are some ideas to consider when heading to a furniture store to pick out pieces for a small living room area.

Utilize The Walls As Part Of Your Decorating Scheme

Instead of merely using walls to hold flat paintings or photographs, consider using it for storage purposes. Shelving can be added to walls, allowing you to show off an array of knickknacks and photographs to those who visit. You can also incorporate a larger shelving setup to hold all types of media. This will eliminate the need for a placing a bookcase or movie rack, freeing up floor space so you can use it for other pieces of furniture.

Select Pieces With Hidden Storage Compartments Inside

When you pick out a coffee table or ottoman to use for holding items or for resting your feet, be sure to look at models with areas to store items inside. A coffee table with drawers incorporated into the bottom section will help keep smaller items from cluttering your allotted space. An ottoman can be a great location to stash gaming equipment, headphones, your music collection, or reading materials.

Forego A Coffee Table And Use Seating With Included Tables

If you are really strapped for space, you can skip looking for a coffee table or end tables if you purchase a couch or chair with a table area included within them. Some couches have a middle portion that detaches from the backing, allowing you to pull it forward. This has a flat surface underneath the cushioning which you can utilize as a table when needed. Some of these "tables" have cup holders included in the rigid plastic to contain your drinks from spilling on your furniture.

Some models of armchairs also have a side table feature. The side of the chair will reveal a hidden tray which pops outward when a latch is engaged. These often come with pocketed areas as well to hold your remote control, a spare pair of glasses, or television listing guide so you do not need to search for them when they are needed. For more information, talk to a professional like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses.