A Fresh Face: Ideas To Make Your Home Lighter And Brighter

Give your home a fresh makeover and make it feel lighter and brighter. It is time to get ready for warmer weather and give your home some mild-season energy.

Some ways to brighten and lighten your interiors include:

Buy pine furniture. Start with some light-colored, natural pine furniture for your space, room, or home. The beautiful grain and quality construction are perfect for lasting furnishings that never go out of style. A store like Monterey Pine Furniture Co can give you some ideas for furniture that will work well for this.

Bring in some light. Invest in some brilliant ambient and lighting features to truly illuminate all of the cracks and corners of your home. Opt for long-lasting LED lights when possible.

Clear the clutter. When you clear the clutter from your home, you get rid of the visual chaos that could be impeding your relaxation and productivity. Make this the time to clean-out and get rid of the stuff that is weighing down your home--and you.

Head outdoors. A dramatic way to transform your home is to extend your outdoor living space. If you happen to have greenspace, create nooks and conversation areas that make the yard seem larger; if you don't have outdoor living, make the most of a porch or balcony with the right furnishings and accents. Create comfy spots that beg you to sit and lounge in the sun all season-long.

Let the sun shine in. Another way to make your home brighter is with natural lighting tricks. Natural sunlight can make you feel energized and chase away any lingering wintertime blues.

Some tips include:

  • Get rid of curtains and drapes. Opt for natural fiber shades or vinyl window clings; both options will make your rooms feel less obstructed and more open.
  • Go with shutters. California shutters can be installed on the lower panes of your home's windows, allowing natural light to stream in through the top.
  • Trim hedges or trees that could be blocking natural light from finding its way to your interiors.

Choose colors carefully. Not everyone is happy with neutral-toned colors, so choose a monochrome color scheme with pops of white or natural. This will make your home seem clean and cohesive.

Peel back the flooring. Peel back carpeting and rugs to reveal the floor underneath. Plan to paint concrete, buff hardwood, or restore sub-floors to make your floors fabulous, and to reduce the bulk that carpeting can have.

Use these tips to make your home seem lighter and brighter this season. You may find that these suggestions bring an energy to your home and make you look forward to warmer weather!