How To Mix Classic Furniture In Your Modern Home

When you have a modern style in your home, you may be wondering what to do with your classic or antique furniture pieces. Some pieces, such as Stickley furniture, are iconic in style and have a demanding presence that can take over a room. You don't want to shun your classics to a back room nor do you want your contemporary designs to shrink under the attention your classic designs may get.

If you really want to make your home feel more streamlined, then feel free to combine your classic favorites with some new and modern trends. You'd be surprised at how well two totally different designs can be somehow the same. Here are ways you can mix the two decorative styles easily.

Add a touch of modern to the classic

Since your classically lined furniture with handcrafted details and ornate finishing stand out on their own, there's no reason why you can't add a modern touch to blend these furnishings to your rooms better. Start small: add a little satin throw pillow or a floral afghan to classic couches or chairs, or put a vase of cheeky snapdragons or other fun flowers on an aged end table. Sometimes just the tiniest modern appeal is all you need to soften your classic pieces and give them the balance they need to fill the room sweetly.

Toss a few antique pieces in the room

To complement your classic furniture, add a few antique pieces that can serve as conversation pieces in each room. A cuckoo clock, vintage mirror, antique wallpaper along an accent wall, or a displayed set of fine china can all add a sophisticated and charming appeal to your home without overpowering your contemporary design. In fact, much of what is now contemporary was once considered antique, such as record players or claw footed bathtubs. So feel free to give your home as many antiquated accessories as you'd like: they are more likely to make both your classic and modern furnishings stand out in positive ways than not.

You can hire an interior designer to help you choose the best decor and furnishings to complement your current style and the classic furniture pieces you have. Let your designer know which pieces are your favorite so they can be given priority placement in your home. With the right perfect touches you can love mixing the old with the new together, and you just may find that the 'old' isn't so aged after all.