Three Ways To Bring Beauty To Your Home With Custom Laser Cutting

Custom laser cutting can be used in a host of ways to make everyday furniture items unique. Whether you want a new look for your living room or a new piece for your dining room, laser-cut furniture can create a stunning focal point for your space. Here are just a few ways to bring beauty to your home with custom laser cut furniture.

Custom Dining Chairs

One way to give your dining room a quick refresh is to add custom laser-cut chairs to a grand dining table. You can have intricate designs cut into the seat backs, which can add depth and dimension to each seat at the table. Opt for swirling patterns on chairs with cherry finishes to complement vintage decor themes, or go for a bold geometric design on a natural wood chair to add a modern touch to your space. You can have all of the chairs cut with the same design, or you can switch things up with two or three patterns to create a mix-and-match look.

Custom Book Case

If you are looking for a way to display a treasured book collection, a custom laser-cut bookcase may be just the thing. The laser-cut design can be featured on the sides of the bookcase or even on the back panel to create a backdrop for your tomes. If you want a bookcase with cabinet space, consider having the doors cut to create a unique pattern. Moroccan-inspired designs can be perfect for this option, though you can always opt for a geometric pattern to bring Mid-Century style to your space. Consider having the bookcase finished with a distressed hue for an antiqued look, or whitewash the entire unit for a fresh, crisp appearance.

Laser-Cut Panels

You don't have to have laser cutting done on a piece of furniture to create a custom look for your home. Panels with laser-cut designs can make striking decorations throughout your home. Laser-cut panels can be hung on the wall like any other wall art, or they can be artfully placed in the center of a door to create the illusion of a custom-made door. These panels can be made with wood or metal, and they can be finished in any color or stain you want. This makes it easy to match your new decorations to your home's design theme.

Contact your local furniture laser cutting service, like Plastic Zone, to get a quote for any of the above ideas, or ask for a catalogue of designs you can use for inspiration as you start to redecorate your space.