3 Furniture Pieces Every Modern Living Room Must Have

The living room is often deemed as the room that sets the style and tone of the rest of the house. This is the space where you and your family will likely spend a lot of time, it is the room where you first take guests when they visit, and it is also the room that reflects your home's style personality. If you have in mind to make your home look and feel as modern as possible, it means you must pay careful attention to the furniture pieces you pick for your living room. Here are three furniture pieces every modern living room must have. 

Cubist Lounge Chair 

The cubist lounge chair, such as from Sovini, is just like any other comfortable lounge chair, but it offers a flawless geometrical shape that overall closely resembles the shape of a cube. This squared design offers comfort and support just like other lounge chairs, but the modern shape is what brings this furniture piece to life. There are many different forms of cubist lounge chairs out there; some with features like open sides and freestanding arms. Plus, you can find these chairs upholstered in all kinds of different materials, from leather to suede. 

Floating Back Sofa

In most homes, the sofa is one solid and bulky piece of furniture. However, the sofa does not have to be a large and solid structure to be comfortable and serve the same purpose. A floating back sofa has an opening between the cushioned seats and the back, with the back attached inconspicuously to the base. This more open-concept sofa does not take up as much visual space, and most of the time, the sofa is smaller in stature overall. Therefore, it works perfectly in small living rooms or areas where you want a more open concept. 

Sculpted Coffee Table

For a lot of years, the traditional coffee table has been either round, ovular, or rectangular shape. However, the more modern coffee tables tend to be more free-flowing in shape and design. A lovely sculpted coffee table breaks up the monotony of clean-lined geometric pieces for a nice contrast in the overall visual look of the living room. If you really want to maintain an open concept, a sculpted coffee table that sits low to the ground is a better option. However, on the same note, you could go with a table that is slightly taller than the height of your sofa to close the gaps in the visual space.