Transforming A Walk-In Closet Into A Junior Study Suite

Teen bedrooms can be filled with distractions, from televisions to gaming systems. Creating a dedicated place for study can create a supportive and comforting environment for your child to complete reports, projects, and studies. A walk-in closet, even a small one, can provide the perfect space for a junior study suite. Use the following ideas to transform a walk-in closet into an inspiring study suite.

Desks And Chairs

Once you've removed all of the clothes, shelving, and other closet accessories, make adding the perfect desk and chair your first focus for creating a study suite. The desk you choose should have enough surface space to hold a lamp, computer, notebooks, and other study material. A desk with a built-in hutch is a smart option, as it provides storage space for study materials while keeping the desktop free from clutter.

Choose a design in a bright color that matches your teen's personal sense of style. Pair the desk with a cozy desk chair that offers a fun look while also providing lumbar support and cushions. Think patterned upholstery and a unique silhouette. You can even find designs upholstered in faux fur at your local furniture store to create a whimsical look in the office.

Reading Corner

Not all study has to take place at the desk. Set aside one corner of the junior suite for cozy reading. An oversized beanbag chair on the floor can be a wonderful option. Add a thick, plush area rug beneath the chair, and add a reading lamp to the corner. You can also install a wall sconce about halfway up from the floor to illuminate this area. The light should have a downward design to focus light on your teen's reading materials. Finish this area off with a small table for storing a notebook and pen, which can be used to take notes while studying.

Idea Boards

Children learn in different ways, and some are visual learners. You can help nurture this learning style by dedicating an area of the wall to idea boards. Whiteboards can be used for brainstorming while working on projects or reports, while cork boards can be used to pin pictures and other images to help create a visual story when studying or preparing for tests. Take this idea one step further by using chalkboard paint on one wall for a large, writable surface your teen can use to jot down ideas or sketch drawings.


An essential component of the junior study suite is storage. You may choose to keep some of the shelves from the original closet to store books and supplies, but you can also add wall-mounted shelves and cubbies to create a unique and attractive storage setup. Use cloth bins or baskets from your local furniture store to create concealed storage on shelves, or consider investing in bookcases to provide even more storage solutions. The bookcases can be placed on either side of the desk for quick access to study materials. 

Take your teen to the furniture store for inspiration, and look for furnishings and decor pieces you can use to transform the closet into a junior study suite. If you will need additional storage for clothes due to this project, your local furniture store may also have freestanding wardrobes you can use in the bedroom for clothing and accessories. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Chris Furniture.