Ready To Restore A Historical Home With A Grand Foyer? What Details You Must Include

If you have purchased an old historical home and you want to restore it with the previous details that it once had, especially a tall, open foyer with a grand staircase, there are some things to consider. You want the entryway to be as grand and significant as it was when the house was first built, and there are some things that you want to consider and details to look into to make this happen.

Detailed Railings

The railings and spindles on the stairs that people see when they walk in the door should be detailed and dramatic, to complement the large foyer. You can get cast iron, carved wood, and even molded plastic options that provide a lot of detail and character, and you will want to look at the options in order to determine which will go best with your home and what style would be true to the era when the home was built.

Dramatic Chandelier

An old, dramatic, antique chandelier that is similar to something that would be found in your home when it was originally built will be beautiful. Not only will it provide a lot of lighting in the entryway, but it will be a conversation piece that delivers a lot of character to the home. You may need to have an electrician help with wiring or making a connection if there are old components on the light fixture that need to be replaced.

Eye-Catching Trim

Detailed wood trim that is large and custom-carved with designs or detailed molding around the ceilings is a great way to make an entrance grand. The more open the space, the higher the molding can be on the wall. You can even choose to put wainscoting up, if you like the way that it looks. Talk with a woodworking professional about restoring the old trim, if it's detailed, and can be finished or stained, or talk with them about putting the original trim to the home back in.

You will want to look into historical magazines and books from the era when the home was constructed to see what type of designs and styles were used to decorate and create the foyer. Talk with the local wood workers in your area to see what can be changed, and make sure that you use hardware and light fixtures that would have also been used to complete the look you're going for.

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