Tips For Using Furniture Information Sheets When Selecting New Furniture

Buying furniture these days is a lot easier than what it was before information was so easily accessible via your phone or computer. Before, you'd make several trips to the furniture store to gather the information that you needed about the product that you were considering – now, a make and model number and the information is at your fingertips. So, how can all of that information make the selection process easier for you? Here, you'll find a few tips on how to use the information about the furniture to make an educated decision about what will suit your needs the best.

Fabric and Filling

Some fabrics and fillings are known to hold up better than others, while others are known to feel more comfortable. What are you looking for in the furniture – do you want something that will last many, many years or do you want something luxurious that feels like a piece of heaven each time you sit on it?

There are some fabric and filling combinations that will meet both durability and comfort tests – you'll just have to do a little leg-work and do some research about the products once you've narrowed your list of options.

Another thing to consider is fire-retardant – furniture is supposed to be somewhat fire-retardant – its not meant to go up in flames the second a spark hits it. Make sure that the furniture that you're considering is rated for fire safety.


You will have instant access to all of the measurements for the furniture that you're considering. You can take those measurements and a roll of masking tape to find out if the furniture will fit into the space that you want it for without taking up too much space or leaving too much open space.

As you mark the floors, make sure to pay attention to where the heating vents and cold air return vents are located. You don't want any furniture to sit on top of, or in front of the vents. Doing so could cause your heating and cooling costs to rise.


If there are any features, you'll find them listed on the item description page. This will tell you if there are any recliners, cup-holders, hide-a-beds, and massage – any features that make the furniture more appealing or useful. Some furniture gives you the option to add these features or to order the furniture without adding anything extra.

Talk with a furniture salesperson to learn more about the furniture set that you're considering. He or she will have all of the information that you need to make the best decision for your family.