3 Factors To Consider When Picking Out Bunk Beds For Your Kids

Bunk beds can be fun for kids. Bunk beds make sleeping a little more interesting, and the right bunk bed can allow you to utilize a small space in a more effective manner. Bunk beds are no longer limited to just one extra bed on top; there are now all different kinds of bunk bed configurations that incorporate desks, hangout space, and multiple beds into the layout. With so many options, here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right wood bunk beds for your kid's bedroom.

#1 Material

One of the things that you need to focus on is the material of your kids' bed. As bunk beds are two story set-ups, you are going to want to make sure that the material you choose for your kid's beds.

One of the most classic materials for bunk beds is wood. Wood is strong and resilient. It has a classic, long lasting look. Wood bunk beds never really go out of style and can be used for generations to come. Wood beds also have great resale value. Additionally, it is easy to paint or stain a wood frame, adjusting and changing the frame's style as your kids grow and change as well.

#2 Theme

The second thing that you need to consider is the theme of the bunk bed. Oftentimes, kids' bunk beds will be built around a theme. For example, maybe the frame is made to look like a race car, or perhaps the frame is made to look like a spaceship. Choose a theme that will work not just this year for your kid, but for the long term.

Although a bed painted with ponies may seem perfect for your kid right now, it probably has a short shelf life. Go for a theme or design that you can paint and update over time. This will make your investment more worthwhile.

#3 Functionality

Third, you need to think about the functionality of the bed style. Do you need bunk beds so that you can fit two or three beds into a space designed for one? If that is the case, go for a classic and straightforward design.

Do you need storage space in your kid's room? Then go for a bunk bed that includes built-in drawers so that you expand the storage space as well.

Do you need desk space or hang out space in your kid's room? Then get more creative with the frame design, and look for a bunk bed situation that will provide you with two beds, storage, and space for a desk or work area.

There are lots of creative designs out there, so think about what else you want to get out of your kid's "bed" and see if all of these functions can be incorporated into one piece of furniture.

When purchasing a bunk bed for your kid's room, think carefully about the material, theme, and functionality you need to get out of the bunk bed as you consider your purchasing options.