Tip For Trying Out Mattresses

A mattress that is insanely comfortable to one person may be very uncomfortable for another person. As a result, if you are shopping for a new mattress you absolutely need to try out different mattresses and figure out what you like. The following tips will help make your mattress-trying experience more productive, ensuring that you end up with a mattress you really love.

Visit in the middle of a weekday.

When you visit a mattress store to try out various mattresses, try doing so in the middle of a weekday. This tends to be when the store is less busy, which means others won't be waiting behind you to try various mattresses. The salespeople will probably also have more time to help you during these hours. They can guide you towards the best mattresses to try based on your preferences. If you absolutely cannot get time off in the middle of the week to try out mattresses, visit first thing in the morning — as soon as the store opens — on a weekend day.

Don't hesitate to try softer mattresses.

Many people do prefer a firm mattress, and for this reason, the word "firm" has become synonymous with the word "quality" to some people who are shopping for mattresses. But not everyone loves a firm mattress. You could prefer a softer mattress and not realize it because you've just slept on firm mattresses your whole life. So take the time to lie on mattresses ranging from soft to firm to get an idea of what you really like, rather than relying on assumptions.

Lie down the way you sleep.

Lying down on a mattress with a salesperson and perhaps some other shoppers watching you can feel awkward. But try not to think about everyone staring at you, and try to lie down the way you generally sleep at night. You might find a mattress comfortable when you're lying on your back, but if you're a dedicated side sleeper, you need a mattress that feels comfortable when you lie on your side.

Wear comfortable clothing.

You probably won't want to go out in public wearing your actual pajamas, but you don't want to try out mattresses in stiff jeans, either. Wear sweats or yoga pants to try out mattresses so you can focus on the way the mattresses feel rather than being distracted by clothing pushing into your body.

For more mattress-trying tips, reach out to a mattress store in your area.