Need A New Mattress? 3 Strange Things To Consider Before Heading Shopping

Throughout your life, there aren't many pieces of furniture you will use more than your bed. At the end of a stressful day, you retreat to your bed for comfort and support, which is why you may wonder what you can do to select the right mattress for your needs. While many people think about things like how much space they need to sleep or how firm of a bed they need, there are other considerations that can help you to narrow down "the one." Here are three strange things to think about before heading shopping. 

1. The Size Of Your Doorframes

Many people measure their bedrooms but completely overlook the rest of the house. However, if you are trying to haul a king-sized mattress through your front door and into a small bedroom, one thing may surprise you: the height and width of door frames. 

Before you go shopping for a nice, new mattress, measure any area where your mattress would need to move through, including stairwells and doorways. Taking this extra step can make it much easier to move your mattress into your home, without hurting the walls. 

2. Your Snoring Habit

Whether you suspect yourself of snoring or your partner complains about it nightly, it is important to start thinking seriously about choosing a mattress and frame that could help with the problem. Some mattress frames are motorized and completely adjustable, allowing you (or your partner) to prop your head up if you begin snoring. 

When you shop for mattresses, look to see if they are compatible with an adjustable bedframe so you are always ready to make small adjustments to your sleeping position. 

3. Your Future Needs

If you are thinking about getting married, buying a big dog, or even having kids, it may impact the mattress that you need. Talk with your fiancé about what kind of mattress they want, or if you are going to be adopting a pet, think about whether or not you would allow it to sleep at the foot of your bed. If you have children and you like to read to them at night, make sure you will have enough space to accommodate everyone. 

Remember, if you need a new mattress but aren't sure which direction to head in, it pays to talk with a professional salesperson who specializes in mattress brands, styles, and models. Ask them what they think of each mattress, whether or not they can offer a discount, and if they offer home delivery and old mattress haul-away.