Picking Your Next Sofa

When you need a new sofa, you want to choose selectively. The sofa will be a large piece of furniture and this makes it a visible item that can add to the home's look in a good way, or in a not-so-good way. So, make sure you get a sofa that brings good things into the space. Also, your sofa will serve as the main source of seating in the space, so comfort should be considered a must. Plus, you may not want to keep plastic on the sofa in order for it to stay clean, so ease of cleaning will be important. Here are specific things to consider when sofa shopping: 

Choose the right looking sofa

Take pictures of the important pieces of decor in the space. Take pictures of other things in the room such as the flooring, any area rugs, the walls, the drapes, etc. Make sure the colors of everything that you took pictures of can be seen as how they look in real life. This is because sometimes the lighting can make the colors appear differently on the phone. Take the pictures into the furniture store with you so that you can hold them up to the different sofas you like. This way, you can make sure you choose one that is going to go well with the colors you have in that space already. If you choose to go with a neutral color, you still want to make sure that it will be one that complements everything else.

Sit in different positions on the sofa

You are going to want to choose a sofa that is comfortable. So, you want to sit on the sofa in the position most guests would. However, you also want to lie down on the sofa if this is something you would normally do at home. You may find that the sofa is fine to sit on, but you might feel very uncomfortable lying on it, which could be a problem for you. You want a sofa that is going to help make your home comfortable for everyone. 

Consider the material and how you would clean the sofas

No matter how careful you try to be, sofas get dirty. They can get dirty often if there are kids or pets in the house. Make sure the sofa not only conceals dirt well but also that it is going to be easy for you to keep clean. Some people like leather sofas because they can simply wipe them clean. Crushed velvet and microfiber sofas are also considered to be some of the easiest to clean.

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