Reasons To Buy A Vertical Dresser

Other than your bed, there is perhaps no piece of furniture in your bedroom that is as important as your dresser. It's a piece of furniture that you'll use every single day — in some cases, multiple times in a given day. This means that if you're shopping for a new dresser at your local furniture store, you want to make the right choice about what to buy. While you'll want to choose a dresser that matches your other bedroom furniture, it's also important to decide whether you want a vertical dresser or a horizontal one. The former is tall and narrow, while the latter is short and wide. Here are some reasons to buy a vertical dresser.

It Has A Smaller Footprint

It's always important to be mindful of how much floor space a piece of furniture takes up, and this can especially be true in smaller rooms. If your bedroom isn't large, a vertical dresser is a good choice because of its small footprint. This type of dresser won't take up as much space on the floor as a horizontal model, which can help to keep your bedroom from feeling crowded. A crowded bedroom isn't just a visual issue — when you're navigating a crowded space in the dark, you're more at risk of stubbing your toe on a piece of furniture.

Its Top May Be Easier For You To Access

Some people favor a vertical dresser simply because its top is more accessible. People use the tops of their dressers for storing a number of things, including jewelry, eyeglasses, and other personal effects. It can be easier to retrieve these items off the top of a vertical dresser because you don't have to bend down. If you're of above-average height or you have back pain, you'll appreciate being able to access the top of the dresser without bending.

It's Handy If You Have Small Kids

You might favor a vertical dresser if you have small children because its top is difficult for them to reach. If you're the type of person who keeps a lot of objects on your dresser, you might not want your children being able to grab these things. For example, a curious child could grab a cellphone off a horizontal dresser and drop it — potentially causing it to break. The top of a vertical dresser will keep your items well out of your children's reach when they're young.